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The Club has invested in high quality material so that our Members can all have distinctive & traditional "made to measure" Gordonian Golf Club Jackets. These have been subsidised by The Club to keep the cost down to below £200!You can also buy Gordonian Association blazer badges (£15) and ties (£10) from here

Club Jackets

The Club has new Jumpers and Polo Shirts for sale at Cost to the Club.

Club Jackets, Jumpers & T-Shirts


8 V-neck long sleeve navy jumpers - L @ £15 (See picture) 2 x L Ashworth navy shirts £106 x M Ashworth navy shirts £101 x L Ashworth white shirt £104 x M Ashworth white shirts £102 x Ashworth yellow shirts £10 5 x XL V-neck sleeveless navy jumpers £157 x L V-neck sleeveles navy jumpers £157 x M V-neck sleeveless navy jumpers £15 9 x Navy Golf Caps £5 These are all really good quality items.